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Divorce & Family Law Articles


Is Mediation Necessary in my Divorce?

In almost every modern trial order, courts require parties to attend at least one mediation session prior to scheduling a matter for trial. An agreement to attend mediation can be made at any point, even before filing a lawsuit.

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Avoid the Pitfalls of Social Media in your Divorce Case

Attorneys are quickly discovering that social media outlets often provide an abundance of evidence about behaviors, lifestyles, the existence of assets, and big expenditures. Any information obtained through social media can be used in court.

Image of woman in a counseling session representing the importance of emotional support through divorce.

The Value of Emotional Support during Divorce

To move forward with your life in a positive manner, it is crucial to recognize the distress associated with divorce you may be encountering and constructively deal with it.

Wall of legal files and litigation folders representing an exaggerated picture of discovery in divorce.

What is discovery and why do I have to provide so many documents?

Cooperating in the discovery process by providing credible evidence about income, expenses, financial account balances, etc. not only provides a full financial disclosure but can also speed up the divorce process and reduce unnecessary costs.


Lynn Burleson Contributes to Family Law Magazine’s Coverage of Arbitration

The Winter/Spring 2016 edition of Family Law Magazine includes a discussion on the benefits of arbitration by three fellows of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers entitled “The Arbitration Advantage”.

Lynn P. Burleson

National Family Law Arbitration Act in Draft

North Carolina has arguably the most comprehensive family law arbitration statutory scheme in the country


Pension QDRO Blues – Butler v. Butler

Wife’s obligation to ensure that the QDRO submitted, rules court.


Marriages Face New Threat: Social Networking

Alice Stubbs describes how the recent social media phenomenon of social media impacts divorce and family law cases during an interview with WRAL-TV.


Alimony According to North Carolina Law

Alimony is the payment of support to a spouse or former spouse who is financially dependent on the other spouse. It is ordinarily paid as a monthly amount and is usually taxable to the recipient as income


Tharrington Smith Introduces Family Law Child Support Calculator

Tharrington Smith attorneys worked with software developers to build an easy-to-use child support calculator.


Alice Stubbs on social networking and divorce

Tharrington Smith family law attorney Alice Stubbs speaks to WRAL about social networking and its impact on divorce and family law cases.


Same-Sex Couple Adoption Voided

Dec. 21, 2010 by The Associated Press — Raleigh — North Carolina’s highest court on Monday voided a state senator’s adoption